SORCA Social June 27th what a BLAST!

On June 27th we hosted the SORCA Social event along with Mtn Fun Basecamp, Optomeyes  and Agent Jazz. The location was at Mtn Fun Basecamp campground, we had pulled pork and salads, DJ, Swag giveaways and Agent Jazz handed out 1 liter Growlers with her logo and a list of Squamish bike trails on the bottle. All the bottles were filled up already so no need to wait in line to get yer cup filled. I could not believe all the families that attended. Actually I can believe it! Squamish has a huge community of families that ride the trails. SORCA has these events every Wed in the summer months in Squamish, it is a mix of racing one week and the next it’s a social ride and members and non-members can participate. SORCA (Squamish Off-Road Association) is a volunteer based organization and all money raised from these events goes right back into the bike trails in Squamish BC.

We had 300+ people, 300 adults and 50-60 kids at the campground, 4 rides organized for the social ride. Chill ride, Thrill ride and 2 Intermediate rides with a leader and a caboose to make sure everybody sticks together and everybody arrives safely back at the after party. We had a designated garbage and recycling station to do our part in keeping 300+ people organized in recycling and composting. Lots of good swag was given out and the big prize was a Heli drop with Blackcomb Helicopters for 5 people and their BIKES! One day I want to get into a helicopter with my bike and fly over the Glaciers and mountain tops to get dropped off and to ride down through the Alpine meadows to  burger and a local IPA sounds fun eh!

So next year keep an eye out for Flying Spirit Rentals, Mtn Fun Basecamp, Optomeyes and Agent Jazz’s SORCA Social event, get a membership grab your bike and tent (free camping that night) and mark it on your calendar you just might win next years Big Prize.