Open 7 Days A Week!!

Biking in beautiful BC

Welcome to the 2019 biking season in beautiful BC, where the ferns are big, cedars are tall and the skies are blue. We are excited for this season as we have more bikes in-stock for you or your friends or your family. Anyone who needs a bike we have the size or model for your adventure  in Squamish. One of our new models this year is the 2019 Kona Kahuna hardtail with the 29″ wheel, climbs and descends with ease like a full suspension but without the added weight. This bike can take you on a journey from our front door into the amazing trail network around the Alice Lake and Garibaldi Highlands trails. Besides putting a smile on your face riding this bike it also doesn’t empty your pocket, it is priced so you have some money left over for a burger at Watershed Grill or for avocado fries at Norman Rudy’s or a couple of cool brews at A-Frame Brewery. Biking in beautiful BC doesn’t have to “break the bank”- Corey

Summer of Satori’s

Summer of Satori’s, our rental fleet for the 2018 season has not disappointed us at Flying Spirit Rentals! It has proven to be a great climber and descender for all abilities and  all terrain. Squamish has been a hot summer season so the trails have gotten a little loosey goosey and right about now we are hoping for rain… Squamish mtb trails are a rated harder than most trail areas around the globe but with the Kona Satori DL and include the different trail conditions that can happen from March to Nov you too will not be disappointed when you jump onto this bike and ride. See ya at the campground!


SORCA Social June 27th what a BLAST!

On June 27th we hosted the SORCA Social event along with Mtn Fun Basecamp, Optomeyes  and Agent Jazz. The location was at Mtn Fun Basecamp campground, we had pulled pork and salads, DJ, Swag giveaways and Agent Jazz handed out 1 liter Growlers with her logo and a list of Squamish bike trails on the bottle. All the bottles were filled up already so no need to wait in line to get yer cup filled. I could not believe all the families that attended. Actually I can believe it! Squamish has a huge community of families that ride the trails. SORCA has these events every Wed in the summer months in Squamish, it is a mix of racing one week and the next it’s a social ride and members and non-members can participate. SORCA (Squamish Off-Road Association) is a volunteer based organization and all money raised from these events goes right back into the bike trails in Squamish BC.

We had 300+ people, 300 adults and 50-60 kids at the campground, 4 rides organized for the social ride. Chill ride, Thrill ride and 2 Intermediate rides with a leader and a caboose to make sure everybody sticks together and everybody arrives safely back at the after party. We had a designated garbage and recycling station to do our part in keeping 300+ people organized in recycling and composting. Lots of good swag was given out and the big prize was a Heli drop with Blackcomb Helicopters for 5 people and their BIKES! One day I want to get into a helicopter with my bike and fly over the Glaciers and mountain tops to get dropped off and to ride down through the Alpine meadows to  burger and a local IPA sounds fun eh!

So next year keep an eye out for Flying Spirit Rentals, Mtn Fun Basecamp, Optomeyes and Agent Jazz’s SORCA Social event, get a membership grab your bike and tent (free camping that night) and mark it on your calendar you just might win next years Big Prize.

New Location

Well I tried it for a year in a 1875 sq. Ft. warehouse filled with Nordic skis, snowshoes, shoe chains, fat tire bikes, paddle-boards, mountain bikes, kids bikes, cruisers and camping gear and it was an awesome space. But…. I needed to downsize because I realized I needed to close for the winter and sell the winter inventory. There was not a big enough demand for my winter rental gear from the Squamish/Vancouver population. My hope was that customers would reserve their gear online and pick up the gear the night before or the day of and avoid the lines to rent gear at Sea to Sky Gondola, Callaghan or Lost Lake. So I have moved to Mtn Fun Basecamp which used to be Wonderland Campground. Brad and Rachel have welcomed me into their office on the campground and that is were you will find Flying Spirit Rentals! I have full suspension bikes, hard tail bikes, kids bikes, city bikes, electric bikes and camping gear to get you out the door and off to an adventure in the Sea to Sky Corridor. That is in a nut shell what/why I have changed locations and dropped my winter line for now. New location, new season, new adventures!

Cheers Corey

Shop Dawgs

FSR has two shop dogs that like to hang out, sleep on the couch and greet customers when they walk through the door. Howie and Sasha are rescue dogs from Merritt BC, they are a mix of Malamute/Shepard with a bit of Newphie in them.  Mom was the Malamute/Shepard and the dad was a Newfoundland breed visiting from somewhere. The story begins: the mom dog lived across the street from the campground and the Newfoundland was staying at the campground and tadah! Howie and Sasha 2 months later. They are “rescued” because when the caretaker from the campground walked across the field one very cold day in November to shut the aluminum shed door that was making a racket from the wind and just as he was going to close the door he noticed 4 puppies in the shed! Then he sees the mom dog walking across the field, obviously to visit her puppies. The caretaker called the owner of the mom dog and told him that his dog had a litter of puppies in his shed in the field. What the owner of momma dog says next is unbelievable… “leave em! if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”. So glad the caretaker said “NOT”! and called animal control and animal welfare and he brought the puppies inside including mom so she could continue to nurse and teach her pups.

Now the caretaker could not keep all the puppies so he found a Rescue Organization and they took over from there. That’s where my family joins the story, we had lost our family Lab a few months back and I was missing my furry companion. If you follow FSR on Instagram you will see why, I take my dogs everywhere, they are my constant companions with every adventure! We adopted 2- brother and sister, the caretaker of the campground adopted 1 and the other pup went to a home in Merritt.

When the days are dark, soggy, snowy, windy, sunny my rescue pups are always ready to go and happy to be included. Adopt don’t shop it will be rewarding and you won’t regret it, I promise.


First year Anniversary!

Well… I am still around after my first year ! It’s actually 1 week away, Dec 7 2016 was when I opened my doors for business and it’s been a huge learning curve. Doing what you love to do which for me is any activity outside in the rain, under the sun, on the snow, dirt and surrounded by nature. Wearing my hiking boots, riding shoes, with a paddle in my hand or a backpack on my back.

Now earning a living doing what you love to do can be challenging eh. There is the mortgage, car payments,groceries and your cell phone bill to pay so trying to find the balance is what I was up to for my first year and unfortunately it was very one-sided. I found myself inside more than outside and the purse strings were tight I mean TIGHT. My office is a rental shop with some of the gear you need to play outside, I loved talking to people who came in to rent some snowshoes or a bike or camping gear for a day or days, they were here for an adventure. I did expect my outside time to shrink but that is OK I have had many years of playing outside now I am open for business so others can play too.

I am so glad I opened my “office” in Squamish what a great community to welcome a new business. Everybody is friendly and outgoing, locals brought in their family and friends who wanted to explore the Sea to Sky Corridor but didn’t have the gear to play. The tourists that came through the doors too were very excited to be in Squamish, they would compliment that they loved the small town vibe where they could see the mountains from anywhere they were and didn’t have the crowds that Whistler can have in the winter and summer peak times.

Going into my 2nd year of business I would like to give back to the trail system, work with other businesses and maybe create an event or two to help with the growing tourism sector in Squamish. I also have a new business partner who has some ideas for the business. It’s going to be an exciting year and I look forward to seeing new and old faces walk through the door.

Cheers Cor

Dog Days of Summer

Summer has arrived and it has brought the heat and it has also brought the summer thunderstorms. At time of writing BC has 127 active wild fires, some are human caused and some are from lighting. Just last week there was a prediction that the rain was coming!!  and everybody was welcoming the news. Not much you can do when the fires are started from lighting but the ones started from humans that is ludicrous… So here we sit wanting rain to fall, cursing people for throwing cigarettes outta their cars and hoping people camping are abiding  the fire ban.

Riding the trails they are dry, dusty and loose which just adds another technical element to trail riding in Squamish. “Ride don’t slide” is a term used when you need to lay off your back brake and apply more front brake. Did you know that your front brake controls the speed, back brakes assist the front. So when you are out riding the trails in Squamish, Whistler, Northshore or anywhere in BC region this summer remember “ride don’t slide” and do a lil rain dance in the moon light


Cheers Cor



Races are for Dinosaurs


On June 10, 2017 Dylan and Melissa hosted yet another fun Enduro Race in the Squamish area. Flying Spirit Rentals had a Speed Gun to register racers speeds on the trail during the race and thanks to Norman Rudy’s Pub who hosted the Flying Spirit Speed Zone. An Enduro is a race that riders are only timed on downhill sections, the starts are usually in waves and racers are on an honor system that you place yourself in the proper start wave for your abilities and cardio. Yes cardio, even though you are not timed for the up hill sections … you still have to ride to the downhill sections. Guess what I did…I have signed up for my first Enduro this year. Even though I have been on a bike almost everyday  for the past two months it is not always my XC bike. Yikes the uphills are gonna eat me alive! I have decided to sign up for the 4th wave and I have my costume in mind just gotta glue a few pieces on and I am ready to go. I would really like to wear my dinosaur costume, I have tried riding a bike with it on and it did not work. I couldn’t see a thing! I wore it while standing at the Flying Spirit Speed Zone during the Gryphon Enduro race it saved me from the mosquitoes but I couldn’t drink the beer offered to me, oh the sacrifices we chose sometimes. Well time to wrap up the blog, I have to get outside and get on a bike and ride up a hill, then come down the hill and sit on the couch with my feet up and drink a G&T, enjoy life friends.  🙂


Junuary (June/January) finally delivered the heat

A little bit of sarcasm in the title because the beginning of June was COLD! Really… if I can survive this first year of opening a new shop and the weather that we have been surrounded with, I think I will make it. I am an all types of weather outdoors women, I like the rain, snow, wind & sun Mother Nature is powerful and I enjoy her company everyday, not just the good days. So as other people were commenting negatively about the weather I was doing my best to convince them it’s not THAT BAD… Finally I had to refrain from trying to convince and just accept that some outdoors people don’t like all of Mother Natures elements. It’s ok…  we are all different and it’s a big diverse world out there. I guess if we all had the same attitude the trails, rock slabs and waves would be very busy or not…

Cheers Corey